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Need help navigating the global R&D landscape? Meet Caitlin Harvey


As our clients succeed and grow in number, RnD360 Advisory Group is growing too. We’re excited to welcome Caitlin Harvey to our team as a Senior Advisor.

Caitlin will help clients to access R&D Tax Incentives for innovative projects across a wide range of industries, including engineering, construction, biomedicine and manufacturing. She joins us from KPMG in London where she assisted leading, global companies to access government incentives, and gained insight into how R&D is undertaken on a large scale.

‘One highlight was seeing first-hand how large, multi-disciplinary engineering teams construct new train stations in the London Underground,’ said Caitlin.

‘The space available for the Underground is extremely constrained, making it challenging to extend the network to meet growing demand without causing delays or downtime that can impact up to five million passenger journeys per day. I was fortunate to meet some talented engineers who are developing innovative solutions to overcome these challenges.’

Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne. ‘I majored in Medicinal Chemistry and loved it. Working in the lab was stimulating, but over the course of my degree, I realised that I wanted to know more about translating research into real-world products and services.’

She gained her Master of Business (Science and Technology) from Monash University. ‘This course covered finance, economics, marketing and a raft of other subjects, but the real value came from discovering how technology companies raise capital and commercialise their research.’

Subsequently, as a Senior Market Analyst in the Future Manufacturing Flagship at CSIRO, Caitlin assessed the commercial viability of research outcomes across the organisation. ‘I saw how technology transfer can drive positive economic, social and environmental change. I also learnt that a clear strategy to consistently translate research outcomes through funding fluctuations is critical to long-term success.’

Caitlin believes the RnD360 Advisory Group differs from other advisory firms in its transparency and focus on delivering an efficient, tailored service through collaboration.

‘Mark and the team bring together over sixty years of R&D tax experience. But they go beyond offering expert R&D tax advice, leveraging their networks and other technical and commercial experience to maximise clients’ success. ‘Most importantly, we take the time to listen to clients and adapt to their evolving needs as they grow their businesses. Having known this team for several years, I am thrilled to join RnD360 and look forward to building a great future together.’